Monday, 23 April 2007

Flowers pots on back steps

An acrylic painting I did for Sonia, from a photograph she sent me of her flowering pots on her back steps. After an initial sketch I redrew it on the canvas, and then worked from the photo which was on my computer screen for hours.
I kept comparing the photo to my painting, working out what to paint baldly, and what to paint with muted colours with washes.
Sonia liked it.I loved this painting.It took about three days,and i am proud of this one.The contrast between the concrete steps, dark red bricks, the blue railings, and the colour of the flowers blends it together.Job done!
It is in Sonias now, awaiting to be hung.I framed the painting for her, so it was wall ready to hang up.

Friday, 20 April 2007

African lions

My first ever paint by numbers, done a few years ago, but brought from Castleford after the seperation.The lion king, his lioness, and some lion cubs.This is a classical image of the African plains with other beasts drinking at a waterhole. The mountain is Kilimanjaro inspired I think.

Rocking Horse

This was my second attempt at Acrylic paints after buying them.The first was a stella artois bottle lol. I had bought an ornament from Scope charity shop.A traditional rocking horse but decorated for Xmas.
I copied the outline, then made my rocking horse up, with dark hair, bristley manes, and blue/red trimmed saddle and harness.
I have drawn some Carousel horse but they will be a future painting.I love horses, and wooden carved things.

Venice Scene

My second paint by numbers picture.Venitian Gondolas moored in a bay, overlooked by an island. The colours are brilliant, and showed my how good Acrylic paints can be.They are perfect introductions to painting, the physical act of using a brush, the skill of mixing colours as specified on the box, and how pictures work overall. The composition, and layout are already designed for you.