Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Ticoglossum (Costa Rican Orchids part one)

The first of the Acrylic paintings on the way soon to Costa Rica. I spent four days painting this acrylic on canvas. The Ticoglossum Flowers were white with violet edges to the flowers. The display was on a glass table with various pots and plants at the back of it.Its an impression of the photo. I quite like it too.
As I was framing it I banged my head and started to bleed.The bottom right hand corner has my smeared blood over it too now.
I framed it here to see what it would look like.I think there may be a few more Orchid pictures yet to be painted.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


The only painting not blogged on here is my Violin. I did a quick sketch and tried painting it. The postcard Canvas has started to curl on the wall. I need to flatten the painting soon!
Better late than never...

Cats Cat With a Twist

The Cat that hangs on Catrionas mobile phone. It is metallic with green emerald eyes and an emerald studded collar. I painted that and for inspiration I remembered the Parisien poster from 1896.
Tournee du Chat Noir.I saw this first as a print on the banks of the river Seine. It was a popular Paris night club frequented by the rich and famous, both Parisiens and foreigners. Prochainement means coming soon or shortly.
I combined the two images, Catrionas mobile kitty, and the Art poster. Not too bad I think.My first painting in a few months. There is another underway, via Costa Rica!