Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Rosa Canina

The common Dog rose.It grows across Europe in hedgerows, scrub, and woods.
It flowers between June and July, and makes rose hips untill the Autumn.
I love the pink petals with the white, and yellow styles and lime green centre.
I quickly painted this over two hours from a photo and a quick sketch drawing.
I like to make paintings have a feel of the flower, the essence, not always a biologically correct drawing.Thats why i have a camera and a garden blog.
The painting captures the moment I think quiter well :)


Gee Magpie said...

Hey Dave! These paintings are all great. I really like the rocking horse and the Sonia Steps. In fact, I found the watercolour you did for me of a magpie again and I've put it on my desk for writing inspiration :) sis xx

snappy said...

Thanks Jaws,glad you liked the painting.I think I will try to do some bird paintings to expand my repetoire.
I will do another magpie for you, but in Acrylic.I will paint me a crow, after seeing a fab crow statue in Sigruns German garden.:)